Manage Your Small Business

Resources to help you keep your business running smoothly

You have an established business, happy customers, and reliable systems, but you feel like you could probably improve a few things with how your business runs. Leverage the tools and information here to help you manage your business smoothly.

Extending Credit to Others

If you’ve ever delivered a product or services and then sent your invoice afterwards, you’ve already extended credit to some degree. Learn more about the potential benefits of, drawbacks to, and best practices for extending credit.

Benchmarking for Small Businesses

Benchmarking can help a business understand how they’ve grown or how they’re adapting to external volatility, as well as how the company is performing compared to others in its industry. Learn more about benchmarking here.


Once you’ve extended credit, how do you make sure you get paid? Get tools and information on how to monitor your potential customer risk and best practices on how to approach collection efforts.